Passively dominant

Ever since humans have been cursed upon this planet, curse because we destroy everything that comes in our way (me being no exception), women have passively been a Dominant force for men.

There is an old saying – Behind every successful man, there is a woman. True!

I would, however, like to tweak this statement a bit to my philosophy and say – Behind every decision of a man, there is a woman, which can either be his mother or partner.

Look at it this way, if, as a kid, someone abuses our father, we get angry, but, if someone abuses our mother, we get furious with our pulse reaching the moon.

We even tend to perform better when around women who have been an influential force in our lives, and this is scientifically proven. And if you are from India, it is glorified in Bollywood movies as well. 😉

The latest example of aforementioned philosophy is, as I have read in speculative news, Olivier Giroud’s decision to tak a transfer from Arsenal, if you follow football (or soccer in United States).

So ladies, whoever is reading this, please think about it and be influential in a positive sense, for if your negative influence reaches your man, he’d be in deep trouble.


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